Get stuffed bonus footage

These are the bonus footage/deleted scenes from The Osbournes episode Get Stuffed, these are featured on The Osbournes/ The First series DVD.

Bonus Footage Edit

Ozzy On ThanksgivingEdit

Ozzy on thanks giving

This first short scene shows Ozzy sitting down and discussing his opinion of Thanksgiving, in which he says;

"Well-well it's just another day really. I don't see the big deal, y'know. Thanksgiving for what? I don't get an um...Y'know it's Thanksgiving everyday for me! "
— Ozzy Osbourne

Jack's side of the storyEdit

Jacks side of the story

Jack and Kelly Osbourne once again get in another argument, as a result Jack goes to his father and tells him his side of the story. Jack expresses that he is fed up with Kelly constantly being in a bad mood, snitching on him and getting into arguments. Ozzy tries to calm Jack down who had threatened to beat Kelly up. Ozzy tries to get the two to understand that they are simply being children and that when they grow they'll forgive one another. Jack ends up getting frustrated, believing that his parents haven't done anything and as a result leaves Ozzy.

Ozzy's new birthday dogEdit

Ozzy's new dog birthday

Zakk Wylde comes over and gives Ozzy a birthday present in the shape of a small puppy. Ozzy stands smiling an awkward grin before asking if anyone wanted a new dog.

Demon kids through treesEdit

Demon kids in trees

A behind the scenes shot for the music video for the song Dreamer. Here a director directs a group of young girls to run around on a set around the snowy trees. Ozzy watches from the sidelines and comments about the director's voice being weird before noticing that one of the children had accidentally knocked a tree over causing the filming to be stopped.