These are the TV adverts used by MTV to advertise Series 2 of The Osbournes. The two adverts consisted of the comedy band Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass singing about the misadventures of the Osbourne family.

TV Spots Edit

Jables JamEdit

Jables jams

The advert starts pitch black in a horror themed land, soon Jack smacks a cowbell causing the singing to start. Jack sings about each family member briefly outlining their personalities such as Ozzy being the "dad", Jack being the "cool kid" with an afro, Kelly being attractive but feisty and Sharon being the Hell bringer. The advert ends with some brief clips from the show before showing Jack Black hovering over a mystic crystal ball.

Rage Kage RemixEdit


This advert starts with flashes of lightning as Tenacious D play a guitar solo. Jack then explains to the viewers that they won't find out what's happening to Ozzy unless they watch The Osbournes. Once again the advert cuts to some clips from the show before ending with Jack Black biting the head off of a bat.

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