"Darling the wicked witch has nothing on me! You're already living next to the neighbors from Hell! C'mon big boy! Come here! C'mon cocky little Englishman! Come over here little rich boy! Living off mommy and daddy's money, do you?!"
Sharon Osbourne

Owen Paul is a Scottish singer, best known in the UK for his 1986 No. 3 hit single, "My Favourite Waste of Time", a cover version of a song that was originally written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw. However he was only a one hit wonder and eventually fell out of the limelight soon enough. He now, unfortunately, famous for being the noisy neighbor that the Osbourne family declare war on.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

The noisy neighbor, Owen Paul, had been playing Euro dance (which was supposedly his new material, depite leaving the music business years before [1]) music loudly all night every night. Owen hadn't just annoyed the Osbournes but other neighbors around his house but the Osbournes were the first to react. Firstly, Melinda phoned the police on them but this didn't work, it was then up to Sharon and Jack Osbourne to fight back their way. Sharon went outside and told them to be quiet, but Owen and presumably relatives or friends laughed it off and the two started to argue. Sharon insulted them and they insulted her back, as a result Ozzy was angered by how personal they were being and declared war on them. The next night they played "The Whole World in my Hand" in the garden, this provoked Jack and Sharon to take action by playing death metal music loudly. Jack later went round to their home and complained but they mocked him. Jack starts throwing objects over into their garden, with assistance from Sharon. This provoked Owen to call the police and they questioned to Osbournes telling them to stop. Ozzy soon awoke and grabbed a wooden log, smashing a window causing the police to come again. The Osbournes paid for the damages and Owen with his friends and family moved out for a while.

Owen returned with his friends and family building a tennis court by the Osbourne garden. Owen attempted to make peace with Sharon by giving her "dog art" She was reluctant to forgive him. They started playing tennis constantly and were being loud, Ozzy complains about this but nothing is solved. Soon Sharon let the cats and dogs out to defecate on their tennis court, only to lose some of her cats mysteriously, she presumes that Owen had kidnapped or killed the cats out of revenge.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his identity being revealed in 2002, his identity is still censored in future releases and episodes.
  • In 2005, Owen Paul sold his house next to the Osbournes. [2]
  • He is one of the few people that all of the Osbourne family absolutely hate.
  • If he had murdered the cats he is perhaps the most dangerous individual in The Osbournes.

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