Ozzy's ten commandments

Ozzy's Ten Commandments was a special feature on the The Osbournes/ The First series DVD. It features Ozzy Osbourne discussing what his ten commandments for the best family life.

The Ten Commandments Edit

  1. Thou awaketh before noon (Don't get up before twelve)
  2. Thou shall calleth mother a shriveled aged vagina (Call your mother a cunt)
  3. Chastise father for snorting Columbia off the map (Criticize father for being a junkie)
  4. Thou shall cling tight to the moneybelt of thy father (Don't work)
  5. Continue to cling tight to the moneybelt of thy father (Get what ever you want)
  6. Peal thy father's moneybelt from his loin (Get the appropriate items)
  7. Pawn thy father's moneybelt for hip clothes and pizza (use Ozzy's credit card to buy items)
  8. Thou shall keep thy mother talking to thy dogs for sanity (Keep Sharon from talking to her pets)
  9. Thou shall keep thy father wet (Keep Ozzy outside in the rain)
  10. Popcorn! Popcorn! (Ozzy's tenth and eleventh commandment)