Phil McGraw (also known as Dr Phil for shorts) is an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil, which debuted in 2002. McGraw first gained celebrity status with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the late 1990s.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

Dr Phil appeared in the final episode of the Series. In the episode he sits down and interviews the Osbourne family members, discussing about their reckless nature. He discusses how Jack and Kelly Osbourne's upbringing could have had an effect on their behaviors and how Ozzy's drug and alcohol abuse could have also been an influence on how the family behave. Despite seeing the family as dysfunctional, he believes the family is also one of the closest he has ever seen. Despite this he doesn't consider the family a normal one.

External Links Edit

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