Pip (also known as Pipi) is a dog that is owned by the Osbourne family. Unlike some of the other pets, Pip isn't as well recognised and rarely has any major scenes.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

Pip appears from the very beginning of the series and sometimes in Sharon Osbourne's lap. Pip's only major event was in Bark at the Moon where she urinated on Ozzy's rug which sends Ozzy in a fit of rage sending the dog out of the door in anger. After this Pip makes the regular appearance here and there.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other pets, Pip is the only one not given a formal introduction, instead Sharon merely glosses over Pip by simply saying "Then there's Pip"
  • The DVD game Name that Dookie uses the name Pipi despite that name never being used in the series.

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