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This is a wiki dedicated to documenting the events from the MTV Reality TV show The Osbournes that aired from 2002-2005. This will not include any outside information about the people involved and/or Osbourne family and will only be about the TV show.


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Pages created so far

28 Days LaterA Farewell to OzzA Farewell to Ozz/ Gallery
A Little Ditty About Jack and BrienannA Very Ozzy ChristmasAbused Producer
Aimee OsbourneAlec BaldwinAngler Management
Bark at the MoonBark at the Moon/ Bonus FootageBeauty and the Bert
Bye Bye BabiesCar JackedCharity Case
Cleanliness is Next to OzzynessDinner with OzzyDita Von Teese
Dookie's RevengeEpisode 1Episode 10
Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4
Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7
Episode 8Episode 9Episode Guide
Fists of FuryFleas a CrowdFor the Record...
For the Record.../ Bonus FootageGeorge W. BushGet Stuffed
Get Stuffed/ Bonus FootageHave Ozz Will TravelHawaii Five Ozz
It's a Hard Knock LifeJack BlackJack Osbourne
Jason DillJay LenoJessica Osbourne
JoannaKelly InterruptedKelly Osbourne
Kyle GassLolaLouis Osbourne
Lozt in TranslationLucas VargaMTV TV Spots with Tenacious D
MaggieMama, I'm Staying Home
Marilyn MansonMelinda VargaMeow Means No!
MichaelMust Come DownMy Big Fat Jewish Wedding
Name that DookieNo VagrancyNumber One Fan
Osbournes ReloadedOwen PaulOzz Well That Ends All
Ozzy's Ten CommandmentsOzzy Knows BestOzzy Osbourne
Pain in the NeckPat BoonePhil McGraw
PipPussRebel Without an Ozz
Return of the RingRob Zombie
Robert MarcatoRun Ozzy RunScent of a Woman
Sharon OsbourneSleepless in Beverly HillsSmell Like Teen Spirits
Tennis RacketThe Accidental TouristThe English Patient
The Osbourne Family AlbumThe Osbourne Family Christmas SpecialThe Osbournes
The Osbournes/ The First SeriesThe Osbournes/ The First Series GalleryThe Osbournes/ The First series DVD
The Osbournes/ The Fourth SeriesThe Osbournes/ The Second SeriesThe Osbournes/ The Second Series DVD
The Osbournes/ The Third SeriesThe Osbournes 2.5 DVDThe Osbournes 2.5 DVD/ Gallery
The Osbournes Talking BobberThe Osbournes Trading CardsThe Osbournes Wiki
The Ozz Man and the SeaThe Show Must Go Off!The Show Must Go Oz
There Goes the NeighborhoodThere Goes the Neighborhood/ CommentaryThere Goes the Neighborhood/ Gallery
Tour of DutyTrouble in ParadiseUnknown Osbourne Bird
Valentine DazeViva Ozz-VegasWhat Goes Up...
What a Boy WantsWhat the *@&%$ did he say?Won't you be my Neighbor
Won't you be my Neighbor/ Bonus Footage

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